GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous Joins U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker in Celebrating the Passing of the Sweeping VA Reform Bill Aug 1, 2014 10:25PM

Nutley, NJ (PRWEB) August 01, 2014

The VA health care system has been in dire need of immediate overhaul for years, with long waiting lines, longer travel times, and an overall lack of basic medical services crippling the department and placing an unreasonable burden on the men and women who depend on it. Organizations and Veteran Advocates have long waited for the time that Congress would take charge on this issue before the lack of adequate care went too far.

But when the problem did in fact go too far, it led Congress to act more swiftly for veterans than ever before.

In the wake of the VA scandal which emerged in late May of this year, Congress has passed the most major change to the VA health care system in decades. The new bill, which passed in both the Senate and House with nearly unanimous votes, would add $17 billion bill in spending to help veterans avoid long waits for health care, hire more doctors and nurses to treat them, and make it easier to fire senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department. Most notably, the bill allows veterans living 40 miles away from a VA facility to obtain private health care through the VA.

At the VFW Post 493 in Nutley, NJ, the state's two highest legislators, Senators' Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, were joined by the state's largest Veterans' advocate, GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous, to show their support of the bill's passing and celebrate how the increased funds will help our returning veterans.

Fanous' organization has been one of the most pivotal advocates for these reforms, especially those which give veterans living far distances from VA facilities access to private care.

"Veterans need and deserve access to every form of medical care possible," said Fanous, who spoke at another Press Conference with the Senators in June when these reforms were first introduced. "Whether it is at the VA or at their local hospital, Veterans should receive nothing but the best treatment for all of their medical needs. We have been pushing for years for sweeping reforms to the system for years because, sadly, our veterans have been getting very inadequate care for many years now. We were very glad to see that these reforms were introduced in June, and we are thrilled that more great things are happening for our veterans."

During the press event, Fanous fielded questions from reporters regarding what is needed next for veterans, particularly veteran unemployment. Mr. Fanous stated that while strong efforts to improve veterans' lives have been made for veterans of late, working to ensure that veterans find quality career opportunities must become a top priority for our country.

"We are standing here today because we are proud of what Congress has come together to accomplish for our veterans, but the fact remains that many of them are struggling to provide for their families," Fanous said, with Senators Menendez and Booker looking on. "Without a strong, steady job, veterans will always face enormous difficulties in trying to keep a roof over their heads. We need to come together as a nation and work on not only giving veterans access to job opportunities, but also to train veterans with the skills they need to get the career of their dreams."

The sweeping changes to the VA system were first introduced in early June, with strong support on both sides. With the rare mood of bipartisanship in the air in Washington, legislators in both houses were able to make the modifications they needed in reasonable time in order to pass the legislation cleanly.

The new $17 billion bill includes $10 billion in emergency spending to help veterans who cannot get prompt appointments with VA doctors to obtain outside care; $5 billion to hire doctors, nurses and other medical staff; and about $1.5 billion to lease 27 new clinics across the country. In addition, $2 billion would be used for the development of medical facilities in several states, including New Jersey.

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FODAY Automobile Company Is Now Working On The C60F FODAY Project Aug 1, 2014 10:05PM

(PRWEB) August 02, 2014

The successful development of C60F projects is of great significance for the stamping business of Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co.,LTD. As early as the very beginning of the project development, the company had already organized an excellent team to develop a comprehensive plan to carry out a large number of detailed, in-depth technical plans. The company's vice president Liming Yang and some of its other leaders were in the direct involvement of the specific arrangement and the supervision of the project implementation.

Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co.,LTD is offering one hundred and forty-three kinds of car parts (assembly, single units). Also, it has more than 1000 tons of die models in stock. It is predicted that the company's SOP (mass production) will begin in August 2014. Many of its employees are now busy working on the project.

At this very critical stage, all its employees are making full efforts. To provide worldwide clients with high-quality products and excellent services is the pursuit of everyone from FODAY. They understand that a company can't be arrogant because of its achievements. FODAY will try harder to make outstanding items by using its advanced machines from Germany, Japan and China.

Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co.,LTD
FODAY Auto Wechat no: fodayauto
Email: fodayglobal(at)163(dot)com

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FDA approves Jardiance® (empagliflozin) tablets for adults with type 2 diabetes Aug 1, 2014 09:52PM

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., and INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BIPI) and Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Jardiance® (empagliflozin) tablets as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control, or blood glucose levels, in adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D). JARDIANCE is not for people with type 1 diabetes or for people with diabetic ketoacidosis (increased ketones in the blood or urine).

JARDIANCE, a once-daily, 10 mg or 25 mg tablet, is a sodium glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor. JARDIANCE works by blocking the reabsorption of glucose in the kidney, increasing glucose excretion and lowering blood glucose levels in adults with T2D who have elevated blood glucose levels.

Patients should not take JARDIANCE if they have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis, or if they are allergic to empagliflozin or any ingredient in JARDIANCE. JARDIANCE can cause some people to have dehydration (the loss of body water and salt), which may lead to a drop in blood pressure, and may cause patients to feel dizzy or faint.

"Many adults with type 2 diabetes still have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels even with treatment. There is a critical need for new treatment options to help these patients," said Christophe Arbet-Engels, M.D., Ph.D., vice president, metabolic-clinical development and medical affairs, BIPI. "JARDIANCE is a new option that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce blood sugar levels. Although not approved for weight loss, modest weight loss was also observed in these clinical trials."

The FDA approval is based on results from a large clinical program comprised of more than 10 multinational clinical trials and more than 13,000 adults with T2D. Phase III studies showed JARDIANCE significantly reduced hemoglobin A1C (a measure of average blood glucose over the past two to three months) and fasting blood sugar after 24 weeks as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with a range of background treatments, including metformin, sulfonylureas, insulin and pioglitazone. Although JARDIANCE is not approved for lowering weight or blood pressure, modest reductions in both weight and systolic blood pressure were observed in clinical trials.

The most common adverse reactions associated with JARDIANCE were urinary tract infections and vaginal yeast infections. Hypoglycemia was more commonly reported in patients treated with the combination of JARDIANCE and sulfonylurea or insulin.

"Today's FDA approval of JARDIANCE provides an exciting new option in the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes and demonstrates our commitment to these patients, as it marks the third diabetes medicine to emerge from our alliance pipeline," said Enrique Conterno, president, Lilly Diabetes.  

About DiabetesApproximately 29 million Americans and an estimated 382 million people worldwide have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. T2D is the most common type, accounting for an estimated 85 to 95 percent of all diabetes cases. Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when the body either does not properly produce, or use, the hormone insulin.


JARDIANCE is a prescription medicine used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.

JARDIANCE is not for people with type 1 diabetes or for people with diabetic ketoacidosis (increased ketones in the blood or urine).


What is the most important information I should know about JARDIANCE?

JARDIANCE can cause serious side effects, including:

  • Dehydration. JARDIANCE can cause some people to have dehydration (the loss of body water and salt). Dehydration may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, light-headed, or weak, especially when you stand up.

You may be at a higher risk of dehydration if you:

  • have low blood pressure
  • take medicines to lower your blood pressure, including water pills (diuretics)
  • are on a low salt diet
  • have kidney problems
  • are 65 years of age or older.


  • Vaginal yeast infection. Women who take JARDIANCE may get vaginal yeast infections. Talk to your doctor if you experience vaginal odor, white or yellowish vaginal discharge (discharge may be lumpy or look like cottage cheese), and/or vaginal itching.
  • Yeast infection of the penis.  Men who take JARDIANCE may get a yeast infection of the skin around the penis, especially uncircumcised males and those with chronic infections.  Talk to your doctor if you experience redness, itching or swelling of the penis, rash of the penis, foul smelling discharge from the penis, and /or pain in the skin around penis.

Who should not take JARDIANCE?

  • Do not take JARDIANCE if you are allergic to empagliflozin or any of the ingredients in JARDIANCE.

Symptoms of serious allergic reactions to JARDIANCE may include:  

  • skin rash
  • raised red patches on your skin (hives)
  • swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and throat that may cause difficulty breathing or swallowing.

If you have any of these symptoms, stop taking JARDIANCE and contact your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room right away.

  • Do not take JARDIANCE if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis.  

What should I tell my doctor before using JARDIANCE?

Tell your doctor if you:

  • have kidney problems.  Your doctor may do blood tests to check your kidneys before and during your treatment with JARDIANCE
  • have liver problems
  • have a history of urinary tract infections or problems with urination
  • have any other medical conditions
  • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It is unknown if JARDIANCE will harm your unborn baby
  • are breastfeeding, or plan to breastfeed.  It is unknown if JARDIANCE passes into your breast milk.

Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.  Especially tell your doctor if you take water pills (diuretics) or medicines that can lower your blood sugar such as insulin.

What are other possible side effects of JARDIANCE?  

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia): if you take JARDIANCE with another medicine that can cause low blood sugar, such as sulfonylurea or insulin, your risk of low blood sugar is higher. The dose of your sulfonylurea or insulin may need to be lowered. Symptoms of low blood sugar may include:
    • Headache
    • Drowsiness
    • Weakness
    • Dizziness
    • Confusion
    • Irritability
    • Hunger
    • Fast heart beat
    • Sweating
    • Shaking or feeling jittery
  • Kidney Problems, especially in people 75 years of age or older and people who already have kidney problems
  • Urinary Tract Infection: symptoms may include burning feeling when passing urine, pain in the pelvis or back, or urine that looks cloudy
  • Increased fats in your blood (cholesterol).

The most common side effects of JARDIANCE include urinary tract infections, and yeast infections in females.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.  Visit  or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

For more information, please see full Prescribing Information, including Patient Information.


For full Prescribing Information and Patient Information, visit:  

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company In January 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company announced an alliance in diabetes that centers on compounds representing several of the largest diabetes treatment classes. The alliance leverages the strengths of two of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. By joining forces, the companies demonstrate commitment in the care of patients with diabetes and stand together to focus on patient needs. Find out more about the alliance at or

About Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Ridgefield, CT, is the largest U.S. subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation (Ridgefield, CT) and a member of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies.

The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it operates globally with 142 affiliates and more than 47,400 employees. Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel medications of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.

Social responsibility is a central element of Boehringer Ingelheim's culture. Involvement in social projects, caring for employees and their families, and providing equal opportunities for all employees form the foundation of the global operations. Mutual cooperation and respect, as well as environmental protection and sustainability are intrinsic factors in all of Boehringer Ingelheim's endeavors.

In 2013, Boehringer Ingelheim achieved net sales of about $18.7 billion (14.1 billion euro). R&D expenditure in the Prescription Medicines business corresponds to 19.5% of its net sales.

For more information please visit

About Lilly DiabetesLilly has been a global leader in diabetes care since 1923, when we introduced the world's first commercial insulin. Today we are building upon this heritage by working to meet the diverse needs of people with diabetes and those who care for them. Through research and collaboration, a broad and growing product portfolio and a continued determination to provide real solutions—from medicines to support programs and more—we strive to make life better for all those affected by diabetes around the world. For more information, visit

About Eli Lilly and CompanyLilly is a global healthcare leader that unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world. We were founded more than a century ago by a man committed to creating high-quality medicines that meet real needs, and today we remain true to that mission in all our work. Across the globe, Lilly employees work to discover and bring life-changing medicines to those who need them, improve the understanding and management of disease, and give back to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. To learn more about Lilly, please visit us at and

This press release contains forward-looking statements about JARDIANCE for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It reflects Lilly's current beliefs; however, as with any such undertaking, there are substantial risks and uncertainties in the process of drug development and commercialization. There is no guarantee that future study results and patient experience will be consistent with study findings to date or that JARDIANCE will prove to be commercially successful. For further discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties, please see Lilly's latest Forms 10-Q and 10-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Lilly undertakes no duty to update forward-looking statements.


CONTACT:Emily Baier Geary, Public RelationsBoehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Email:  Phone: (203) 791-5997

Tammy Hull Communications Manager Lilly Diabetes Email: Phone: (317) 651-9116



Logo - -


SOURCE Eli Lilly and Company; Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Oxford City Basketball, A Division Of Oxford City Football Club, Inc.(OTCQB:OXFC), CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero Signs Steve Dutton,Craig Percival And Desta Rudder-Smith. Aug 1, 2014 09:40PM

Oxford, UK (PRWEB) August 01, 2014

Oxford City Basketball A Division of Oxford City Football Club, Inc. (OXFC) announced today that they have signed 6'9" Forward/Center Steve Dutton, 6'5" Forward Craig Percival, and 6' 3" Small Forward Desta Rudder-Smith.

CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero said, "These three signings are tremendous for our organization and will help give us a competitive edge. We continue to strengthen our team with the sole focus of bringing a Championship to the city of Oxford."

Oxford City Basketball Head Coach Frank Marulanda stated, "Steve's rebounding, shot blocking and scoring ability will compliment our team and style of play a great deal. With Steve we know exactly what we'll get night in and night out. We are delighted to have him at Oxford City Basketball." Dutton's career numbers are 7.3rpp, 9.7ppg, and 1.9bpg.

Assistant Coach Zach Meekings said, "Craig was a key player for us last season, was one of the main engines behind the team with his Never Give Up attitude, amazing work ethic and relentless work on and off the court. We are really pleased to have him back this season." Percival averages 8.1rpg and 10.5ppg.

Desta Rudder-Smith is a 26 year old international player from Oxford City, 2-time slam dunk champion with 22.7 pts per game career average.Desta is a Teacher and Basketball Coach who works with children with behavioral problems at Northfield School in Oxford and has been through the mill at Oxford Hoops since the tender age of 10.

"It is fantastic to have secured such a talented, competitive, athletic and team player as Desta. Not only was he unstoppable last season, but he will pair up beautifully with 7' 4" Priest Lauderdale. He's without a doubt one of the main attractions, a human highlight film!" Said Director of Basketball, Franky Marulanda.

About Oxford City FC (OXFC)

Oxford City is a diversified holding company, which controls five portfolios.

The First Portfolio (OXFC Sports Portfolio)

The OXFC Sports Portfolio have a controlling interest is the largest publicly traded diversified portfolio of professional sports teams in the world. Oxford City's portfolio contains a 132-year-old professional football club Oxford City FC, which plays in the Conference North Division of the English Football Association. They also own Oxford City Nomads, which plays in the Hellenic League Premier Division of the English Football Association. Oxford City owns Oxford City Futsal, which plays at the highest level of Futsal in England and has one of the best teams in the UK. The company has also acquired Oxford City Basketball, which plays their games in the EBL, English Basketball League. Most recently, Oxford City acquired two professional indoor soccer teams within the U.S., expanding the company's reach to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and South Florida. Oxford City now owns the MASL team The Texas Strikers in Beaumont, Texas. Becoming part of the MASL will leverage the Oxford City sports portfolio to maximize its sponsorship and advertising opportunities to a global level. Oxford City now owns a total of 7 professional sports teams around the world.

The Second Portfolio (OXFC Academic Portfolio)

The OXFC Academic Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of academic institutions. OXFC owns Oxford City Sports College in Oxford and CIT University in the United States, which expects to have its first brick and mortar campus in the United States in South Florida in the near future to strategically put the University in a tremendous position for the future. CIT University's curriculum is designed by Ivy League scholars and developers providing a state of the art educational platform and is unique to any ever seen.

The Third Portfolio (OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio)

The OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of media & entertainment companies. OXFC owns Oxford City Broadcasting Network (, which is broadcasted on 740AM in Florida that reaches from Miami, Florida to Jupiter, Florida. OXFC has acquired, which will become the global television platform for the company and their interests. Oxford City's 24 hour television programming which will broadcasted around the world will feature the live radio show "The Oxford City Financial Report", cover all of Oxford City's professional sports teams, and provide continuous programming.

The Fourth Portfolio (OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio)

The OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio controls a diversified portfolio of real estate including Oxford City Stadium, Oxford City Indoor Arena, and the Oxford City 3G Training Facility. OXFC benefits from these facilities both in usage and in rental income.

The Fifth Portfolio (OXFC Mergers & Acquisitions Portfolio)

The Mergers and Acquisitions Portfolio consists of the most experienced value specialists who implement proprietary methodology to identify and acquire equity positions in private and public companies with unlimited growth potential to bring tremendous synergies and value to Oxford City.

About Thomas Anthony Guerriero

Oxford City (OXFC) is led by their CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero. Mr. Guerriero holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University, holds two Graduate Certificates from Boston University & University of Notre Dame, and has two BA degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University & Thomas Edison State. He has held several professional licenses over the course of his career Series 7, Series 63, Series 66, Series 24 licenses. Always looking for a challenge Mr. Guerriero is a former professional soccer player, climbed two of the seven summits, been featured in a major motion picture with Oliver Stone, and been featured on television around the world. He is a published author, diplomatic advisor on economic and fiscal policy, is known for being one of the most influential and powerful entrepreneurs in the world today.

Mr. Guerriero was the youngest Senior Vice President at First Union in their 90 year history. As one of the leaders at First Union he established his reputation for being one of the most driven individuals ever to hit Wall Street, known for his relentless work ethic, accompanied with the ability to execute tremendous achievements both individual and with his executive team. His efforts contributed significantly towards First Union's assets eclipsing $400 Billion, leading towards their acquisition by Wachovia in the biggest banking acquisition in banking history at the time.

After First Union Mr. Guerriero was highly recruited by some of the largest firms in the world due to his expertise. Ultimately he made history by accepting the position of CEO of TAA, making him one of the youngest ever to lead a member firm. Implementing his expertise in Economics and Finance he was able to lead TAA to being acquired by High Point Capital, taking part in the second successful acquisition in his career.

Guerriero a renowned published author with "How to Understand and Master the Stock Market", "How to Understand And Master Securities Laws & Regulations", "Plan For Crisis", and "Military Involvement and Trade Treaties: Exploring the Differences in Military Involvement of the United States in Foreign Countries, Post-Trade Treaty" took this expertise to the helm of Global Wealth, accepting the position of CEO. Again for the third time in his career he was successful in growing this company to have a global presence having offices domestically throughout the US and around the world. This led to Global Wealth eventually being acquired, proving his unique methodologies in growing organizations are tremendous.

A former professional athlete himself, Guerriero has always had the passion to become an owner of a professional sports team. This passion led him to becoming the owner with his partner Mike Savitt of the Springfield Armor of the NBA D League (Brooklyn Nets Affiliate). In his first season as owner they had the biggest turn around in the history of the NBA D League and eventually winning the Eastern Conference Championship for the first time in their history. This success made his vision even more clear on the aspirations to achieve something unique in professional sports and in business. This vision was to create a portfolio of the two core foundational interests he had, Sports & Education. This is the seed that has grown into the diversified holding company known as Oxford City.

Safe Harbor

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and section 21B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Readers are cautioned not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which are only predictions and only speak as of the date hereof. Forward-looking statements usually contain the words "estimate," "anticipate," "believe," "plan," "expect," or similar expressions and are subject to numerous known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Investors are encouraged to carefully review regulatory filings prior to investment consideration. Past performance is no guarantee of future success or that there cannot be losses or business interruption. The Company is in a rapid growth sector that may or may not continue to grow in the future and therefore poses risks that may be different than other investments. Management regularly provides news and additional information believed to be true and accurate at the time of dissemination but has no requirement to modify, comment or change in the future should circumstance change or information prove to be inaccurate for any reason. Additionally, the Company makes every effort to comply with all applicable laws. The definitive agreement associated with this acquisition has not been signed and is subject to a shareholder vote.

Read the full story at

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