SunView Announces Availability of ChangeGear 6.0 Service Desk Oct 21, 2014 03:21AM

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Today, SunView Software announced the availability of the ChangeGear® 6.0 Service Desk Platform, which features powerful new user-centric views that increase workforce productivity, provide rich user interaction and drive a better decision-making process. The emphasis for this release is to improve user engagement with the Service Desk at a time when every IT organization is looking for ways to improve service levels.

With the introduction of ChangeGear 6.0, SunView Software is providing users with a modern intuitive user interface, designed for simplicity and efficiency. ChangeGear 6.0 gives users more in-depth visibility into IT by introducing all-new, role-based interfaces and management dashboards. With custom dashboards tailor-made for various personas across the enterprise, users can work more efficiently by accessing the information they need, when they need it. The new user-centric designed views into ChangeGear Service Desk information enables deeper insight for strategic decision-making, improved communications and will empower IT to drive higher service levels and increased end-user satisfaction.

"We all know that enterprise dependence on technology for workforce productivity is driving a new era for enterprise service management. With ChangeGear 6.0, we are improving the Service Desk user experience by optimizing the way IT works and employees get support. We are facilitating the transition from the Service Desk being back office automation to a more client-facing, modern solution that improves the support experience for both IT staff and end users", said Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software.

The new user-centric design of ChangeGear 6.0 is built on SunView Software's proven Service Desk Platform. Key features include:

Modern User Experience - The new interface utilizes the latest HTML 5 and responsive web technologies, providing a sleek look and feel that improves access and maximizes productivity.

Personalized Workspace - With aggregated activities such as tickets, tasks and events from across the system, the Workspace provides a user an efficient way to perform daily work. All heads up KPIs and pertinent information are displayed within a single view.

Persona-Based Dashboards - The new intuitive and responsive dashboards provides aggregated view into key metrics and KPIs for IT Staff, Management, Executive, Business Groups, etc. There are more than 60 service management metrics that can be easily added to the dashboard for real-time reporting.

Self-Service Portal – The redesigned Self-Service Portal delivers a responsive web interface that enables easy end-user access from anywhere. Intelligent Search, notifications, and the use of formless ticket submission further enhance the support experience for end users.

Intelligent Search - The advanced search capability in ChangeGear enables users and staff to search across all processes in the Service Desk Platform, including attachments (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.). Users can now expect improved access to information for fast problem resolution.

With its powerful new views into the Service Desk, ChangeGear 6.0 delivers a platform for better engagement across the enterprise, improving process and IT alignment with the business.

For more information or to try the ChangeGear 6.0 Service Desk Platform for your business, please contact SunView Software, Inc. at 813-840-4027.

About SunView Software
Founded in 2003, SunView Software is a leading provider of IT Service Desk software that enables companies to better track, manage, and deliver services across the enterprise. SunView has implemented Service Desk and IT Service Management processes and best practices for hundreds of enterprise organizations in all vertical industries. Our proven approach emphasizes flexible and rapid deployment options allowing companies to deliver cost-effective IT services, gain greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance. SunView solutions enable organizations to realize quick wins, and gain fast ROI.

SunView's flagship product, ChangeGear, is an integrated, Service Desk platform for automating your organization's service management processes. Our product is designed to accommodate organizations at every level of maturity from those needing a simple help desk to those requiring a complete IT Service Desk with advanced ITSM processes, all in a single cost-effective platform. For more information, visit the company's web site at

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SITA Enlists Essintial Enterprise Solutions to Support North American Airport IT Services Oct 21, 2014 03:21AM

Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Essintial Enterprise Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise infrastructure field technical and data center services for distributed technologies, announced today that SITA has extended its relationship with the company. SITA is the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology and serves every sector of the air transport community in more than 200 countries and territories. Essintial supports SITA's Service Operations Division in the Americas with technical and field services to supplement their extensive in-house capabilities.

"The communications and IT technologies that SITA deploys and manages enable efficiency and safety within airports and airlines," said Marcia Gipson, Vice President of Service Operations in the Americas for SITA. "Integral to our services is the ability to keep these customers operational around the clock, around the region. It is partners like Essintial who assist us in delivering on those commitments."

Almost every airport and airline in the world does business with SITA. They are supported 24/7 by SITA's global team of IT professionals, more than half of which are based on-site at airports. It is this unrivalled presence at more than 1,000 of the world's airports which makes SITA the ideal technology partner.

Within North America, SITA has partnered with Essintial, leveraging Essintial's Managed WorkForceTM solution, to expand its field technical resource requirements depending on the customer and service level being served. Essintial's headquarter-based Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has the capability to provide 24x7 service management, as well as level 3 technical support for field resources.

"We have been privileged to serve SITA and its clients for more than seven years," commented Tom York, CEO of Essintial. "With ongoing investments in technology, infrastructure, and people, Essintial is well-positioned to help SITA expand and extend its service portfolio throughout the Americas, and we will continue to work with their team to seek opportunities to do so."

Privately owned, Essintial Enterprise Solutions is a national provider of enterprise infrastructure services and support solutions for distributed technologies. The company's trademarked Managed WorkForceTM solutions and processes lead the industry to optimally balance the enterprise equipment performance and cost equation through specially customized solutions engineering. Its platinum level certification standards, RFID-enabled forward stocking logistics network, proprietary Business Intelligence insight, and best practices Technical Assistance Center further Essintial's ability to help OEMs and their channel partners maximize technology availability at the most efficient costs. Learn more at

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SIMmersionTM and Blueline Simulations band together to blend gaming and training in the sales marketplace Oct 21, 2014 03:20AM

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

The state of training today is in flux, due to a fast-growing body of research documenting how so-called "serious games" can help people learn. "There is a clear theoretical basis and laboratory-based evidence" that such programs can have real training effects, writes Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol. These experiences activate the reward centers in our brain, which "appears to have a direct effect on the rate at which we learn," in addition to motivating users to stay engaged with training longer than traditional methods.

Many industries have been able to capitalize on this new understanding of the neuroscience of learning by creating engaging virtual programs to help users build skills. Until recently, however, the complex, high-stakes social skills involved in sales were too difficult to capture realistically in a game-like format.

To fill this gap, SIMmersion™ is pleased to announce a partnership with Blueline Simulations to distribute its serious game Supportive Selling with Dan Williams. By drawing on a dozen years of simulation experience and the engaging elements of modern games, SIMmersion™ has created a realistic conversation with a simulated buyer that users will want to play again and again to build skills. Blueline Simulations' expertise at delivering custom training solutions to the world's top companies makes them well-positioned to introduce this next-generation technology to the marketplace.

"Blueline is a key partner for us," says Dale Olsen, PhD, President of SIMmersion™. "Together, we'll be able to introduce technology to the sales training world in a way that just wasn't possible in years past."

In the system, users explore interactive learning materials to build knowledge of the research-based Supportive Selling sales model, which includes strategies for how to structure a sales call and specific Tools for Selling to use moment-to-moment. Users then put those skills into practice in simulated sales calls with Dan Williams, a realistic buyer whose needs and personality change with every play.

Dan is powered by PeopleSim™, a state-of-the-art conversation engine that gives him realistic, dynamic emotional reactions driven by the user's choices. Users learn during the simulation by watching Dan's response to their approach and getting detailed feedback from an on-screen coach. A comprehensive after-action review gives constructive criticism and a detailed score, with suggestions on how to improve for next time.

The ability to blend gaming and training won SIMmersion™ company honors in the International Serious Games Showcase and Challenge. That experience is brought to bear in Supportive Selling with Dan Williams, as users' reward pathways are activated throughout the system by a range of elements:

   •  Dan's warmth and enthusiasm when the conversation is going well
   •  The on-screen coach's nonverbal encouragement
   •  Achievements awarded for successes large and small during the conversation
   •  Numeric scores so users can beat their personal best
   •  Simulated commission in dollars which users rack up after successful conversations
   •  A global leaderboard of commission, so users can see how they stack up against other Supportive Selling users

"The combination of the Supportive Selling sales model and the PeopleSIM sales simulator represent the most potent sales skills solution ever created," says David Milliken, Managing Partner of Blueline Simulations.

By combining the best-researched sales techniques with the latest neuroscience on how gaming can help users learn, Supportive Selling with Dan Williams is an innovative course that SIMmersion™ and Blueline are proud to introduce to the field of sales training.

About Blueline Simulations
The mission of Blueline's talent management specialists is to excite, engage and transform employees utilizing the world's most innovative and effective training solutions... one client at a time.

Blueline works with customers in a true spirit of collaboration to create custom training solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. With rapid prototyping and global implementation capabilities, the result is a learning solution that delivers against customers' objectives. On budget and on time. Every time.

Learn more at or call 813-269-7467, x212

About SIMmersion™
SIMmersion's mission is to train communication skills faster and more effectively by combining the world's most realistic simulated experiences with highly interactive training content and extensive user feedback. For more information, visit or contact SIMmersion™ online or call 443-283-2555.

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Stained Glass Windows at Sacred Hearts Church in Coshocton, OH, Come Back Life with Help from Associated Crafts Oct 21, 2014 03:20AM

Gilbert, Arizona (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Famed stained glass firm Associated Crafts of Gilbert, Arizona, announced today that they are currently in the process of bringing the treasured windows of Sacred Heart Church in Coshocton, Ohio, back to their original beauty, preserving them for years to come.

According to the church, the windows were installed over 100 years ago and are some of the oldest pictorial stained glass windows in Coshocton County, Ohio. Aesthetically, the windows feature artistic techniques that were considered experimental for the time and are rarely done today. Even the glass is rare--some of the types and styles of glass used were last manufactured nearly a century ago and are unavailable on the market today.

When the parish celebrated Sacred Heart Church's 115 years of continuous usage, they directed their focus on restoring their beloved windows for the current congregation and the generations to come to enjoy.

Since the initial window survey and inspection in 2010, Associated Crafts has been in touch with the church as they prepared for the necessary work. Four years later, the studio's artisans are devoting their skills to this unique and historic collection of windows. The preservation project, necessary to save the windows, includes replacing the deteriorating lead that holds each individual piece of glass in its intended place. In the instance of these windows, replacing the lead will allow the severely bowing windows to be fitted safely back into a lead matrix.

In addition to re-leading, details that have gotten lost over the years – particularly in some of the faces in the pictorial windows – will be carefully restored by Associated Crafts artisans.

Like all of their projects, the preservation work on the windows at Sacred Heart Church is being documented on the company's Facebook page.

To learn more about Associated Crafts' projects and services, please visit

About Associated Crafts
Founded in 1997 by John and Mary Phillips, Associated Crafts is a family-owned and operated Stained Glass studio specializing in the restoration, installation, design and preservation of church stained glass windows. The company's expertise culls from John Phillips' more than 30 years in every aspect of the stained glass business, following his father's footsteps in the industry. For more information, visit

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Plaintiff Represented by The Bell Law Firm Awarded Triple Damages in Suit Against Dish Network Oct 21, 2014 03:20AM

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Charleston-based attorney Harry F. Bell, Jr., managing partner of The Bell Law Firm, in partnership with Tampa law firm Morgan & Morgan, has secured a favorable decision for Chester Moore, who filed suit against Dish Network in the Northern District of West Virginia Martinsburg, for unwarranted phone calls it made to his number in 2012. (Civil action no. 3:13-CV-36) (1)

"We are very pleased that our team was able to get the court to agree these calls were clearly in violation of the law," Bell said.

In a ruling issued October 16, Judge Gina Groh found that Dish Network had committed numerous violations of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by calling Moore 31 times in an attempt to collect a debt from a former Dish customer to whom Moore's cell phone number was previously assigned. (2)

The court awarded triple damages to Moore for numerous calls he received from Dish, even after he called the company several times to clarify that he was not the former customer. (3) Moore had never been a Dish customer, he simply had been assigned a phone number belonging to a former Dish account holder. (4)

The court awarded Moore $500 for each of 24 unwanted calls, and $1,500 for each of seven calls he received after notifying Dish that he was not the person the company was trying to contact. (5)

The TCPA prohibits companies from making calls using an automated dialing system or artificial or prerecorded voice to cell phone customers, unless the call recipient has given prior consent or the call is made for emergency purposes. (6)

Bell believes this decision is an important one for consumers who have received repeated phone calls of a potentially harassing nature.

"The Bell Law Firm is pleased to partner with our good friends and fine lawyers at Morgan & Morgan in standing up for people against intrusive business practices," Bell said. "Consumers are subjected to so many harassing and intrusive actions these days, it is refreshing to see a Federal Judge agree and hold the wrongdoers accountable."

For more information about The Bell Law Firm, visit

About The Bell Law Firm
With the legal and technical resources necessary to litigate the most complex personal injury cases, The Bell Law Firm is proud to represent injury and accident victims from their office in Charleston, West Virginia. Having recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims, the experienced attorneys at The Bell Law Firm work closely with their clients to successfully deliver justice on their behalf. For more information or for a free, no-obligation case review, visit or call 1-800-342-1701.

The Bell Law Firm
30 Capitol Street
Charleston, W.Va. 25301
(304) 345-1700

1-5. Chester Moore v. Dish Network, LLC,, 16 Oct., 2014

6. Telephone Consumer Protection Act,, 17 Oct., 2014

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