Change The World Films Releases "The 3 Key Reasons For Labeling GMOs" Nov 1, 2014 04:01AM

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) November 01, 2014

With a big vote looming just days away in both Oregon and Colorado, Change The World Films releases "The 3 Key Reasons For Labeling GMOs", a free PDF guide written by documentary filmmaker/writer Eric Battersby. The guide brings a clear philosophical perspective to the GMO debate, right at the launch of Change The World Films' The Walk A Mile Project.

"When it comes to this GMO Labeling concept, there is a lot of noise right now," says Battersby. "From a rational, philosophical standpoint, there is a very clear answer here. If voters step back and look at the situation objectively, there is absolutely no doubt as to which way their votes should be cast. But with big money coming in and launching ads filled with scare tactics, we've already seen both California and Washington fail to pass these relatively simple referendums."

"The 3 Key Reasons For Labeling GMOs will help change that if we get enough people in Oregon and Colorado to read it before the election," Eric continues. "But beyond that, it will still serve to clarify the situation all across America, regardless of any active referendums. And The Walk a Mile Project will help bring all this to the forefront anyway, but starting with something as philosophically sound as this labeling initiative can make a huge difference. We need the voice of reason to return... right now."

Anyone can access The 3 Key Reasons For Labeling GMOs document, either on or on The Walk a Mile Project's Facebook page. Also on that Facebook page, people around the world, especially in any of the sixty-plus countries that already require GMO labeling, are encouraged to upload photos of GMO products clearly indicating so on their labels. Photos can be uploaded via an app right on The Walk a Mile Project's Facebook page.

"Our project is a long-term initiative to help change the world, and every step of the way we'll look to engage people across the globe... we'll encourage their activism," says Eric Battersby. "The GMO Label Photo Sharing Campaign is step one of many, but we're very excited to get this going. The Walk a Mile Project is here to make a difference... and it's here to stay."


About Change The World Films: Change The World Films is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)-approved independent film company based in Phoenix, AZ. With the tag-line of "Discover the truth and change the world", the company seeks to solve one large-scale, worldwide problem at a time via its flagship effort – The Walk a Mile Project. Visit for more details.

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VAT made simpler for multi channel retailers across the EU Nov 1, 2014 04:01AM

(PRWEB UK) 1 November 2014

Seller Dynamics have significantly reduced the complexity for online retailers selling internationally with their latest VAT friendly release of their multi channel ecommerce system.

Aimed at EU based multi channel ecommerce retailers who are selling through the global marketplaces of Amazon, eBay, Fnac and Rakuten's Play, the latest release allows retailers to easily set up VAT codes for each of the marketplaces they are selling on. Giving even the largest of retailers the control they need when selling across Europe.

The need to be able to handle different VAT codes for different territories becomes essential when an EU retailer breaches the VAT Distance Selling Threshold for a country. Each EU country has its own trigger level for VAT – it's either 35,000 or 100,000 Euros depending on the country. Sell above the threshold level and the retailer is obliged to register for VAT in that country. Monitoring that level is therefore crucial to avoid falling foul of the VAT man.

The VAT features newly introduced allow retailers to set up differing VAT codes for each of the marketplaces as the need arises. Designed to allow default VAT levels to be set-up for each country quickly, the system ensures that regardless of where a retailer is selling they can set up the correct codes with ease. And as you would expect additional VAT rates can also be set up – zero for children's clothing in the UK for instance.

Equally appealing is the ability to set up VAT codes to be activated automatically in the future to ensure that when a new rate is announced that the retailer can act in a timely manner.

At an operational level, detailed sales reporting allows the retailer to see the differing VAT levels charged and ensures that they can produce customer receipts with the relevant VAT amount identified clearly.

The introduction of the VAT features see's Seller Dynamics enter the enterprise level marketplace management space. With a pricing model that is based on sales, the system lends itself to online retailers of all sizes from relatively small retailers through to enterprise businesses who require comprehensive functionality.

"Our Cross Border Trade features are now fully fleshed out" said Alex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics. "Adding in the VAT features ensure that ambitious multi channel retailers selling across the EU can now easily monitor their VAT position. We see it as proof of our ambition to be a solution that works well regardless of the client's size."

The VAT additions complement an already wide range of powerful features all designed to assist retailers sell more and sell more profitably. Repricing software, stock management and streamlined order processing all address the online retailer's desire to increase their profitable sales while keeping their costs under control.

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Wine & Spirits Distribution Industry Leader Martignetti Ditches Laptops for Sturdy, Flexible Mobile Sales Solution on iPad Nov 1, 2014 04:01AM

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) November 01, 2014

Ai2 announced today that Martignetti Companies, the leading distributor of wine and spirits in the northeastern United States, has fully deployed Ai2's ProSel®, a mobile ordering solution for iPad. This installation makes Martignetti the first major wine and spirits distributor in the United States to fully roll out a native iPad solution for mobile sales order entry.

"ProSel has had a profound effect on our sales organization," said Peter Colettis, Executive VP of Sales, Operations, and Marketing. "ProSel allows our reps to be more functional, creating error-free orders faster than any other mobile ordering system I'm aware of. Our reps can now do more in much less time, which allows them to call on more customers per day and generate larger commissions. The reps are just thrilled," said Colettis.

Martignetti decided in 2013 that it wanted to transition its 400-person sales team from a laptop order entry system to one running on a tablet device. Martignetti searched for the software application first, not the device. They needed a flexible and robust remote ordering solution capable of handling their 50,000-item catalog, complex pricing, 30,000-plus deals, customer accounting information and extensive customer and product information. They found the right software application with ProSel.

"Since ProSel runs native on the iPad, the app made the tablet hardware decision for us," said Al Mendes, Senior VP of Information Technology for Martignetti. Native applications are those designed for a specific device. "ProSel's ability to sync a baffling amount of real-time data on the iPad has solved the communication, informational and pricing problems that plagued our sales reps in the past," added Colettis.

The larger the distributor, the more pricing and sales data it generates daily. If an enterprise application can't handle the workload, the distributor will not realize any gains in productivity. Martignetti knew that syncing the data real-time and making that data actionable in the filed were critical parts of the process.

"We needed a local database and we needed to internally control all the information that's presented to our sales reps. We now have the ability to provide our reps with additional data such as pricing and demographics on our SKUs, customers and orders," said Mendes.

Martignetti chose Ai2's ProSel solution after vetting several other apps because not only can ProSel handle the workload, but "we were impressed with Ai2's knowledge of our industry, the app and most importantly, Ai2's commitment to work with us and ensure our success," said Mendes.

"The amount of data [the sales reps] have at their fingertips is unbelievable – it's much more than what they had on their laptop system in the past," said Jay Howard, Associate Vice President of Information Technology for Martignetti. "The sales reps are excited to have ProSel."

Howard noted that the company had been a Windows-based operation for many years, but moved to the iPad for portability, ease of use, and the speed at which new workers can be trained to use the solution. "ProSel is capturing over 3,500 remote orders a day for us now and it just works. If the product is this good now, I can hardly wait to see how great it will be in the years to come. We bet on the right mobile ordering app with ProSel and on the right company in Ai2 to deliver it," said Colettis.

Howard also mentioned that today's newly hired sales rep needs to be familiar with mobile technology and that most of them are. "The days of the non-technical sales rep are coming to an end," Howard acknowledged.

Ai2 has served the wholesale distribution industry, including wine and spirits, since 1986. The company has been present for the industry's move to laptops, the emergence of tablets, and the eventual crowning of the iPad as the most dominant tablet in the enterprise. Ai2 is partnered with Apple Business and has collaborated with SAP to give its clients "the most flexible, robust and functional mobile ordering solutions available in the world," said Ai2 CEO Douglas Katich.

ProSel is a scalable and flexible sales solution for mobile professionals in several different wholesale distribution verticals including convenience store, foodservice, jewelry, industrial paper, janitorial supply, beer, and wine and spirits. Core functions include rapid order entry, historical ordering, order guides, quick progressive browsing and filtered searches, order by image, bar code scanning, credits and returns with reason codes, Zebra® certified bar code and receipt printing, customer-item-specific pricing integration, digital signature capture and enterprise content management. The benefits that ProSel's users report include steeply reduced printing costs, increased productivity, improved customer service, larger, faster and better remote orders and a sharp reduction in order entry errors.

Established in 1908, Martignetti Companies has grown to become the leading distributor of wine and spirits in New England and the 7th largest in the country. Martignetti Companies currently has sales operations in five New England markets: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, the company operates in Massachusetts as United Liquors, Carolina Wine & Spirits, Classic Wine Imports and Commonwealth Wine & Spirits and in other New England states as Martignetti Companies of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, and Rhode Island Distributing Company through a joint venture. For more information, visit

Ai2 was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in downtown Chicago. Their mobile order entry applications capture tens of billions of dollars in sales orders annually. Ai2 works with Apple Business to give its clients special training, discounts, mobile device management and other opportunities. Ai2 improves the sales process for some of the world's largest distributors in foodservice, convenience store, grocery, beverage, hardware, medical, beauty products, jewelry and more. For more information about Ai2, visit

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Huntersville Attorney Opens Women-Owned and Staffed Law Firm in The Lake Norman NC Area Nov 1, 2014 04:01AM

Huntesville, NC (PRWEB) November 01, 2014

Northpointe Law Group located just north of Charlotte in Huntersville, North Carolina, recently announced its grand opening to the community. The Huntersville NC law office--which is owned by Kayce C. Staehle, staffed and operated by all top notch women--provides affordable legal services to anyone in the greater Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and Iredell county areas.

Huntersville attorney Kayce Staehle founded Northpointe Law Group in the summer of 2014 and now works alongside Lake Norman's most dedicated legal team offers affordable legal services in the areas of bankruptcy, DWIs/DUIs, real estate, estate planning, traffic tickets, and family planning. Staehle, Covington, and Laughridge consult with each client carefully--taking the time to gather all of the necessary facts--in order to prepare sound defenses that will result in fair court hearings for each of their clients.

Additionally, offers a wealth of legal articles and information about specific practice areas of law on their legal blog. Before you meet with any attorney where fees may be incurred, their legal resources on their blog offers tips and useful background information about a wide variety of legal disciplines. For example, individuals concerned about their record in the case of DWI/DUI's can help helpful information via their article titled "Clearing Your DWI Record in North Carolina--Can It Be Done?" Northpointe Law discusses the probability of getting a record expunged and ways to go about doing so.

Northpointe Law Group is open Monday to Friday and offers free consultations upon request.

"Our mission is to be the premiere legal service provider in the Lake Norman/Charlotte area by educating and guiding our clients in the comprehensive care of their legal needs, with sensitivity, creativity and integrity," stated Attorney Staehle. "Relationships are the heart of our practice--we aim to offer each client the level of customer service and experience where they will consider us for all of their legal needs."

Individuals interested in learning more about Northpointe Law Group can visit the company's website for more information. Clients are also invited to connect and communicate via the companies various social channels Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Northpointe Law Group:

Northpointe Law Group owned by Kayce Staehle serves individual legal needs in the Huntersville and Charlotte North Carolina area. Their team of women attorney's, paralegals and office staff are dedicated to raising the quality care and legal outcomes for this clients in the Mecklenburg and Iredell County's. For more information, please visit

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Restoration 1 of Portland Opens its First Location in the Northwest Nov 1, 2014 04:01AM

Tigard, OR (PRWEB) November 01, 2014

Restoration 1 of Portland, a company that specializes in fixing properties ruined by the elements and restoring them to pre-damage conditions, recently announced the grand opening of its first location in the northwest. Founded in September 2014, Restoration 1 of Portland is fully committed to helping property owners keep their realty of all shapes and sizes in top shape.

According to an article on the company's website, one of Restoration 1 of Portland's most popular services is water damage restoration. The article, available on, explains that water damage is a very serious and costly occurrence, especially because it can shrink leather, warp wood, and create smelly carpets. Restoration 1 of Portland's technicians use state-of-the art equipment to dry carpets and prevent mold growth, salvage padding, assess personal belongings, and dehumidify the area--all of which keep buildings safe, healthy, and in great condition.

Additionally, another article,, states that Restoration 1 of Portland also performs fire and smoke damage restoration. The company evaluates structural framing and subfloor material, removes floor coverings and all structural components that cannot be salvaged, treats wall framing with odor counteractants.

Restoration 1 of Portland is also an expert in mold removal and remediation as well. An article on affirms that mold is complicated to get rid of; can be toxic; and can also be the source of serious health problems due to the production of allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins. Restoration 1 of Portland's team of exterminators conducts simple tests to determine the property's mold count, type of mold, and the necessary course of action for mold removal and remediation.

Clients who have used Restoration 1 of Portland's services have always spoken highly of the company's work. Restoration 1 of Portland's team is often praised for being professional, thorough, and friendly.

"Restoration 1 went above and beyond to restore my living room after the fire," said Celina, a client who gave the company a five-star rating. "I am so grateful for their service--they are the utmost professionals and the only company I'd recommend to my friends and family."

Individuals interested in learning more about Restoration 1 of Portland and its services can visit the company's website at

About Restoration 1 of Portland:

Restoration 1 of Portland is a mitigation company that specializes in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, sewage clean up, and mold remediation. Restoration 1 will restore your commercial or residential property to the condition it was in before the damage occurred. The company's trained professionals use the latest restoration techniques and equipment to prevent any further damage. For more information, please visit

Restoration 1 of Portland
15615 SW 74th Ave, Suite 100
Tigard, OR 97224

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