Texas Judge Appoints Bob Hilliard and Mark Lanier To Lead GM Suit Oct 25, 2014 11:23AM

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Oct. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A Texas judge has determined who will lead all Texas consolidated state court cases involving the General Motors Ignition Switch Litigation.

Judge Robert Schaffer of the 152nd District Court for Harris Country, Texas, created a powerhouse legal team by his appointment of Bob Hilliard and Mark Lanier as the Co-Lead Plaintiffs' Counsel to lead the Texas GM litigation. Rounding out an exceptionally strong team of nationally known attorneys is Richard Mithoff, Jeff Wiggington and Scott West.  

Bob Hilliard is also currently leading the National Litigation against GM, having been appointed as co-lead counsel by Judge Jesse Furman out of the Southern District of New York.

Mark Lanier, recently obtained a record breaking $9 billion verdict against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for hiding the cancer risk associated with the diabetes drug, Actos.  

The Texas GM product liability cases -- which the Texas Supreme Court consolidated for all pretrial proceedings before Judge Schaffer in the Harris County district court -- involve all Texas cases filed in judicial districts throughout the state and are separate from federal multidistrict litigation pending before Judge Jesse Furman in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP (HMG) specializes in mass torts, personal injury, product liability, commercial and business litigation, and wrongful death. Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP has been successfully representing clients in the United States and Mexico since 1986. Bob Hilliard obtained the Largest Verdict in the country in 2012 and the #1 verdict in Texas in 2013.

HMG is actively seeking to represent other victims of GM's defective vehicles.

To arrange an interview with Bob Hilliard, please contact Lauren Gomez   lauren@hmglawfirm.com   361-960-3146

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To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/texas-judge-appoints-bob-hilliard-and-mark-lanier-to-lead-gm-suit-295622669.html

SOURCE Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP

The Top 5 Reasons to Get Auto Insurance, According to MyRatePlan.com Oct 25, 2014 11:22AM

SEATTLE, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/25/14 -- Today, MyRatePlan, one of the top websites for comparing insurance policies from different providers, announced the top five reasons for getting auto insurance. Such coverage prevents car accidents from adding financial hardship to what normally consists of physical and mental stresses. Professionals from MyRatePlan examined many factors, including industry reports, customer concerns, and claims statistics, to determine the following top five reasons.

1. Long-Term Savings

Depending on the gender, age, location, car model, and driving record, insurance costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. This is a large expenditure for any budget. But compare the amount to the average costs of a motor vehicle crash, according to the National Safety Council, as of 2012: $8,900 for property damage that includes minor injuries, $78,900 for disabling injuries that are not fatal, and $1.4 million for deaths.

A single year's premium is far less than the cost of property damage from a one accident. And totaling even several years' worth of payments comes to far less than the cost of an injury or death, let alone several casualties. In the long run, insurance payments save money over the price of a claim.

2. Peace of Mind

It matters little if a driver is skilled at both the highway or racetrack, a tester at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or a stunt driver for movies or TV. He may follow traffic laws religiously and practice good driving habits and still get into an accident. This is simply because the behavior of other drivers is neither controllable nor predictable. And ideal driving conditions may turn deadly due to unforeseen weather events.

A good driver may be too paralyzed by the fear of other people's car habits to venture out on the road. Or, with enough insurance coverage, he may continue to drive with the peace of mind that comes from knowing he's protected from any eventuality. One of the primary jobs of a good insurance agent is to determine how much coverage is necessary to provide ultimate peace of mind for the insured.

3. Convenience

An accident can severely disrupt the routine of all those involved. Several hours may be needed just to recover from the emotional trauma. Then there's the possible loss of a family's only means of getting around, the time and effort it takes to either obtain a new vehicle or get the damaged one repaired, and the inconvenience of having to seek medical attention for any injuries. Finally, there are possible legal actions to contend with if any laws were violated or if the other party decides to file a lawsuit.

An insurance company can take care of many of these inconveniences outright, sparing the driver from any additional involvement. It can also guide the covered party into deciding how to deal with everything from car repair shops, lawyers, and healthcare providers.

4. Addition to Health Insurance

Drivers and passengers may not have sufficient health insurance to cover all the injuries that they sustain in an accident. Fortunately, car insurance providers typically provide coverage for health issues that develop among all vehicle occupants due to a crash. Among the things that insurance pays for include hospitalization, medical treatment, rehabilitation, occupational or physical therapy, dental work, extended nursing care, loss of limbs or senses, or in the worst case, funeral costs, which health insurance typically does not address.

5. It's The Law

Almost all states require car insurance, which usually specifies minimum dollar requirements to cover bodily injury and property damage. Some also mandate uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which takes care of any problems caused by a driver who does not have insurance. Not having insurance can result in fines, loss of driving privileges, or the impounding of vehicles. In such locations, not having coverage means the individual must essentially rely on public transportation, cycling, or walking because he is not allowed to get behind the wheel.

About MyRatePlan.com:

MyRatePlan.com is an authority comparison shopping website that allows consumers to compare mobile phones, cell phone plans, credit cards, tv, internet, and more. Using its comprehensive comparison tools, users are sure to find what they need.


Logan Abbott
(858) 454-5900 Ext. 10804

Source: MyRatePlan

The Best Credit Cards for Seniors, Announced by CreditCardChaser.com Oct 25, 2014 11:20AM

SEATTLE, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/25/14 -- While seniors today are enjoying healthier, more active lives than ever before, it doesn't change the fact that most are also living on a fixed income. In order for seniors to make the most of their retirement, they need access to affordable credit. Not only do seniors need access to credit in the event of an emergency, but many transactions today require the use of credit. For example, buying online requires a credit card, and it is very difficult to purchase an airline ticket or reserve a hotel room without one.

Many credit cards offer rewards, such as cash back and travel incentives. These rewards amount to a percentage off every purchase. Even better, most credit cards come with purchase protection, which is important, especially for large purchases.

According to CreditCardChaser.com, a leading credit authority, here are the best credit cards for seniors:

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard

US Airways Premier World MasterCard cardholders have access to a variety of exclusive benefits. Card holders automatically receive 40,000 US Airways bonus miles after their first purchase. This is enough for a round-trip ticket almost anywhere and more than makes up for the $89 yearly fee. Additionally, cardholders earn one mile for every dollar they spend and two miles for every dollar they spend on US Airways purchases.

Furthermore, cardholders and up to four of their traveling companions can check their first bag for free on US Airways domestic flights. For frequent travelers, this is a huge money saver. Users are offered priority boarding on US Airways flights, and they can purchase up to two companion tickets for $99 each on US Airways. Not only are the travel rewards generous, but cardholders can also take advantage of 15 months 0% APR on balance transfers made within 45 days of opening the card.

Discover It

With no annual fee, customers shopping for a cash back card will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Discover it. Card holders get 5% cash back in select categories that change every quarter and a minimum of 1% cash back on every purchase they make. Moreover, card holders can get anywhere from 5% to 20% cash back at select online retailers, including the Apple Store and Macy's. Discover monitors every purchase made and will alert their customers should anything appear amiss. Their card holders can sleep easy knowing their identity is protected. Plus, users receive a free FICO score on their monthly statements.

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

New customers receive 12 months 0% APR when they qualify for the U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card. After the first twelve billing cycles, APR goes up to between 9.99% and 23.99% depending on the card holder's credit score. There is no annual fee, and credit card holders get free access to their account online, free bill pay and a free copy of their Experian Credit Score. This card offers zero fraud liability, which means that cardholders aren't responsible for any fraudulent purchases made with their card if it is ever stolen. Furthermore, customers are immediately alerted by fraud protection services if there is any unusual card activity. In addition, card members receive free automobile rental insurance every time they rent a car.

With fraud protection services, cash back rewards and travel incentives, it makes sense for seniors in the market for a new credit card to take advantage of some of the deals credit card companies offer.

About CreditCardChaser:

Credit Card Chaser is an authority credit card site that offers innovative comparison tools, reviews, calculators, and reports to help consumers find the best credit card for them.

Alice Bryant
(800) 450-7805 x 10803

Source: CreditCardChaser

The Top Cards for Teens, Announced by Creditnet.com Oct 25, 2014 11:19AM

SEATTLE, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/25/14 -- Teens are just breaking into the world of credit and financial responsibility. Therefore, they need cards that will help them learn the dos and don'ts of credit card usage and credit building.

Creditnet.com has put together a list of the best credit cards for teens. The experts at Creditnet.com used a number of qualifying criteria such as card benefits, features, consumer reviews, expert opinions and more. The company felt as though three cards soared so highly above the rest that they needed special attention from consumers. The following are the top credit cards for teens according to Creditnet.com:

Discover it for Students

The Discover it for Students card from the Discover company is on the top of the list for a variety of reasons. First, the card gives students the opportunity to enjoy a 0 percent annual percentage rate for the first six months of their card ownership. The introductory APR applies to all purchases that the students make within the six-month period. After the introductory period ends, the students will have an APR that is between 12.99 and 21.99 percent.

The Discover it card for Student offers a free FICO credit report and access to monthly statements online. The free FICO score is the perfect tool for a student to keep track of his or her credit score. A teen with a credit card will want to build a trustworthy reputation to gain access to the world of new credit and financing options.

Another excellent feature that the Discover it card for Students has is the cash back option. Students can earn up to 5 percent cash back on up to $1500 spent in department stores and online shopping. Finally, the Discover it for Students card has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, no over-the-limit fee, and no late fee for initial late payments.

Open Sky Secured Visa Card

A secured card is the perfect tool that a teenager can use to establish some faithful payments. Secured cards work the same way the unsecured cards work, except the cardholder has to submit a security deposit that the card company will hold for approximately one year.

The Open Sky secured Visa Card offers some exciting benefits over other credit cards in its class. For example, the annual percentage rate for the card is only 17.50 percent, which is lower than the APR that many alternative credit card companies charge. The annual fee for the card is lower than the annual fee for some competitive cards, as well. Additionally, the Open Sky card works everywhere that Visa and MasterCard products work. Teens who have a hard time obtaining credit cards can keep the Open Sky card in mind.

Citi Thank You Preferred Card for College Students

The Citi Thank You Preferred Card for College Students is an amazing tool for an aspiring teen. The card thanks its cardholders immediately with a 2,500 bonus point allotment. Cardholders can use their points after they spend their first $500 within the first three months of owning the card. They can use the points for gift cards, retail discounts, entertainment, traveling and more.

The Citi Thank You Preferred Card for College Students gives its cardholders two "thank you" points for every dollar that they spend on entertainment and dining. Therefore, college students can enjoy many aspects of their college lives without clearing their wallets. Additionally, they can earn unlimited points on other purchases. Other features that the card has are a 0 percent APR for seven months, no annual fee, $0 liability for unauthorized charges, enhanced security, personal concierge services, auto rental insurance, online management and more.

About Creditnet:

Creditnet.com is always looking out for the consumer's best interest. The company invests a great deal of time finding the most lucrative and productive deals for debtors of all ages. People who are seeking beneficial credit cards can visit Creditnet.com to find the perfect product today.

Alice Bryant
(800) 450- 7805 x 10803

Source: Creditnet

DFW International Airport Expands Founders Plaza Exhibit Honoring Thousands of "Welcome Home A Hero" Volunteers Oct 25, 2014 11:00AM

DFW AIRPORT, Texas, Oct. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport dedicated two new displays at DFW's Founders Plaza airport observation area today honoring the over 500 local corporate, business and community organizations and the thousands of volunteers who took part in the "Welcome Home A Hero" program to personally greet incoming troops at DFW when the formal program was in operation from 2004 through 2012.  The new exhibits include a commemorative center detailing the accomplishments of the volunteer greeter program, expanded information about DFW Airport, as well as an interactive fountain recreating the Airport's "shower of affection" water cannon salutes over incoming aircraft.

In eight years, the "Welcome Home A Hero" volunteers greeted over 920,000 soldiers at DFW Airport, either on arrival from or departure to their military deployments.  More than 10,000 local volunteers and over 500 corporate and business groups took part in the greeter program, making it one of the largest community service projects ever accomplished in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

"The Welcome Home A Hero volunteers made it their collective mission to extend a warm welcome to our military troops coming home through DFW Airport," said Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW Airport.  "It wasn't the Airport, and it wasn't any particular organization or any single person that made this work so well.  It was the spirit and commitment of the community, corporations and businesses, and the selflessness and giving of individuals that led to the success of this program that brought volunteers to DFW twice a day, every day for eight years. That's what we pay tribute to today. And we thank the contractors and individuals here today who contributed to these new exhibits."

Taking part in the dedication ceremony were Brigadier General David MacEwen, the Adjutant General of the United States Army, as well as Phil Parisi, the chief financial officer of the United Service Organization (USO). A group of U.S. military Medal of Honor recipients and wounded warriors also attended.

Several DFW construction contractor partners collaborated to donate much of the materials and build the new displays, including Manhattan Construction, Balfour Beatty Construction, Jacobs Engineering and U.S. Shade/NEXREF Technologies.

The Founders Plaza exhibits also include opportunities for the general public to purchase commemorative bricks that can be engraved with names or personal messages.

"It's critical for us all to remember that the mission continues, that our troops continue to need our support," said Jim Crites, executive vice president for operations at DFW Airport.  "With these displays, we hope to inspire more and continuing support for the U.S.O. and for many other organizations that support our men and women in uniform."

The "Welcome Home Hero" program initiated the U.S.O. facility at DFW Airport, and this facility has remained in operation serving troops as they transit through DFW on their way to and from overseas deployments. DFW still hosts about 100,000 individual troops annually on their travels between the United States and the Middle East, even after the departure of the last chartered Army rest and recuperation (R&R) flight.

Over the life of the program, "Welcome Home A Hero" program volunteers greeted inbound and outbound soldiers on a total of 2700 flights and donated generously to the U.S.O facility that opened at DFW in 2004.

In January 2012, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command announced it would end the daily R&R charters into DFW and the last flights for the R&R program took place in March of that year.

"The expansion at Founders Plaza is intended to celebrate heroes – our military and the citizen heroes who welcomed them back home each day," said Donohue. "DFW is proud to support our military as they travel through our Airport and even more proud that DFW can be a place for a caring, comfortable send-off and a most welcoming return."

The new Welcome Home A Hero exhibits are open to the public at Founders Plaza, DFW's observation park, which is located at Texan Trail and North Airfield Drive, just south of Texas State Highway 114.

About Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2014, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the world's third busiest, hosting 1,850 flights a day and serving more than 60 million customers a year. Located halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW Airport provides nonstop service to 147 domestic and 55 international destinations. A major economic driver for the Dallas/Fort Worth region, DFW Airport generates over $31 billion in economic impact each year. For the latest news, real-time flight information, parking availability, or further details regarding the many services provided at DFW International Airport, visit www.DFWAirport.com or download the Official DFW Airport Mobile App for Apple iOS, Android or Blackberry devices.

(re)defining DFW International Airport

DFW International Airport's $2.69 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) is (re)defining first class for this global gateway.  For the latest details regarding TRIP, log on to www.dfwairport.com/redefine.

Follow DFW International Airport On:  http://twitter.com/dfwairport http://www.youtube.com/user/DFWIntlAirport http://www.facebook.com/dfwairport

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dfw-international-airport-expands-founders-plaza-exhibit-honoring-thousands-of-welcome-home-a-hero-volunteers-164932646.html

SOURCE DFW International Airport

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