National Cellular Directory Launches "Erase Yourself From The Web" Service Apr 16, 2014 03:39AM

(PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Trying to protect personal information (such as cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, address, relatives, etc.) is becoming very difficult these days. The Internet is making it too easy for people to find and display personal data on their websites. Many of these websites are essentially data brokers who get their data from other sources (mostly public records) and then present this information to anybody who is willing to pay for it. What they are doing is not illegal because the data they are displaying comes from records that are available to the public for anyone to see. These websites are the conduit between the data source (public records) and the consumer. They get, organize, and optimize the data in order to present it to the consumer with accuracy and performance. Consumers want accurate data and they want it now.

So how does one prevent their information from being displayed on these websites? Good question. If the user does not want their personal data displayed then they will need to "opt-out" or get their data removed from these websites. This is more difficult than one would think because each website has a different method for getting personal information removed. Some websites simply just need an email to delete information while others make a user mail in proof of identity before they will remove your data. So, if a user wanted their personal information removed from ALL of the different people search websites then they would need to find the websites, research what steps you need to do in order to get your information removed for each website, and then execute those steps. Since there are tens of hundreds of these people search websites, this could be very time consuming.

The new "Erase Yourself From the Web" service at the National Cellular Directory makes this process much easier and there is no charge to use it as it is a free service. If a user wants their data removed from the major people search websites, all they need to do is simply fill out the "Erase Yourself From the Web" form and their data will be removed from the websites in the list and if they are unable to remove the information they will send an email with the steps that the user needs to take to get the data removed for each website. This new service at the National Cellular Directory does the first two steps for the user - they locate the major people search websites and research the steps that need to be taken to remove the information for each website. So all a user has to do is submit their data and then execute the steps provided.

Personal data is a very serious issue and with new people search websites being created every day, this will continue to become a major problem. The National Cellular Directory is helping consumers by making it easy to get this data removed with the new free "Erase Yourself From The Web" service.

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Vision Tablet by E-Ceros Sheds New Light on Retina Screens by Seeing Beauty in Simplicity Apr 16, 2014 03:38AM

Shenzhen, Guangdong (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Hailing from Southern China's former-boomtown-turned-hi-tech-powerhouse, Shenzhen, E-Ceros is a company that prides itself on looking 'beyond imagination' to put together products that fill gaps in the tech world. With E-Ceros Vision tablet, this company is making a statement about the affordability of widescreen HD tablets. Vision is an enticing tablet perfectly suited for watching videos and gaming that combines a high end retina-style visual display with quad core power and 16 GB of internal memory.

Not willing to sacrifice anything when it came to visuals, E-Ceros chose to use a retina-style display for its latest product, Vision. "The first thing you notice when you turn on Vision is its rich, vibrant colors," said Rose Li, Chinavasion PR Manager. "The 10.1 inch quad core E-Ceros Vision tablet is like the perfect portable entertainment hub. It's unquestionably great for videos and movies, plus with 16 GB of internal memory you can store quite a few."

The 10.1 inch tablet also has 1.6 GHz quad core technology paired with 2GB of RAM, which means you can expect smooth sailing no matter what you use it for – streaming videos via Wi-Fi, downloading music, or just surfing the web. Plus the Vision's 16GB internal memory mentioned by Li can be expanded even more using an SD Card of up to 32 GB.

"We are looking at commuters, young professionals, teenagers – people who want a tablet whose price is consistent with its quality, not marked up because of a brand name. As a rule, at E-Ceros we hardly spend any money marketing our products, instead choosing to focus on research and development, sourcing of materials, and quality control. By excelling in these aspects, we are able to bring you a tablet like Vision that not only has an eye-popping amount of pixels (1920x1200), a quad core CPU and 16 GB internal memory, but isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg either."

Beneath Vision's sparkling widescreen and silver sheen is indeed an RK 3188 Cortex A9 Quad Core CPU that runs at up to 1.6 GHz, which is enticingly powerful. It's the kind of CPU that handles gaming without pause. And with a 10 point capacitive touch screen, users can make use of both hands while playing touch screen games, opening up many possibilities in terms of how you engage with you tablet.

If a company like E-Ceros can provide consumers with a product with such excellent visuals and solid CPU power, people ought to, as a rule, look deeper into the consumer electronics market to try to find the best deal instead of going with what the television. Buying advice aside, the Vision is a cool achievement for E-Ceros, a nascent company. Their contribution to widescreen tablet market will surely be appreciated by savvy consumers who are looking for the next best thing, not just what's popular.

With more than 360,000 satisfied customers shopping from almost every corner of the world, Chinavasion has proven itself to be the destination for Android tablet PCs. To learn more visit the site at

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Stride Insurance Group launches Portus Underwriting, a new underwriting vehicle backed by Lloyd's Apr 16, 2014 03:38AM

Waterlooville, Hampshire (PRWEB UK) 16 April 2014

Stride Insurance Group is proud to announce the launch of Portus Underwriting, a new MGA facility for Property Owners insurance backed by the Lloyd's market.

The capacity for Portus Underwriting is provided by the highly regarded Syndicate 2007 at Lloyd's, managed by underwriting specialist Novae. Consequently, Stride Limited can announce it has become an approved Lloyd's coverholder.

Stride Insurance Group has developed Portus Underwriting in partnership with Novae in order to take advantage of the close and often longstanding relationships it has built with its customer base of brokers and agents, and to complement its existing Property Owners product range.

Stuart Heath, Unit Head of European Property at Novae Group plc, said of the launch: "We are delighted to be working with Stride Group to support Portus Underwriting and it's great to see the scheme up and trading. Stride is a successful and professional wholesale operation that will bring business into Portus from its broker clients. Portus will offer solid cover at a competitive rate and the product will be supported by the service Stride is famous for."

Portus, meaning "safe harbour" in Latin, is an excellent opportunity for insurance brokers with a wide range of Property Owners risks to get access to the Lloyd's market. Portus Underwriting offers a composite wording covering all risks at favourable rates, which is only available to Stride Insurance Group's brokers and agents. Woodgate & Clark has been appointed as loss adjusters to the scheme and claims will be handled in-house, by the experienced Stride claims team.

Stuart Piper, Property Account Manager at Stride Insurance Group said of the new facility: "The general perception in the industry is that you pay a premium for quality policy wording. Portus Underwriting is good news for brokers as it offers a high quality composite wording at a competitive rate, backed up by the standards of service we have built our name on."

The security underpinning the scheme lies in the reputation and financial strength of the underwriting businesses. Stride is a specialist provider of wholesale Property Owners insurance to over 400 UK brokers and has been trading for more than 40 years. Novae is a publicly quoted company with niche expertise in underwriting Property Owners risks. Established in 1986, Novae Group plc is capitalised at £385 million and has a Gross Written Premium of £590 million (2013). As part of the Lloyd's market, Novae's Syndicate 2007 benefits from the overall A (A.M. Best) and A+ (Standard & Poor's; Fitch) Lloyd's ratings. Finally, the ultimate security for all claims and losses is provided by the unique durability and credibility of the world's oldest insurance market.

Managing Director of Stride Insurance Group, Richard Lovegrove, commented on the security behind the new underwriting vehicle: "Stride is now a Lloyd's coverholder and all risks underwritten by Portus are ultimately secured by the stability and longevity of the Lloyd's market. The scheme is backed by Novae Group which has an excellent reputation for financial strength and corporate governance. Risks are placed through Novae's Syndicate 2007, one of the most consistently performing and best managed syndicates in the market. Brokers can recommend Portus Underwriting to their customers in the knowledge that the security of Lloyd's stands foursquare behind the risk".

Portus Underwriting is a trading style of Stride Limited, Registered Office 3 Acorn Business Centre, Northarbour Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3TH. Registered in England No. 1122247. Stride Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Notes to editors – Portus Underwriting

To find out more about Portus Underwriting visit, email info (at) portusunderwriting (dot) co (dot) uk or call 023 9224 8500.

Alternatively, contact Richard Lovegrove by email to richard (dot) lovegrove (at) portusunderwriting (dot) co (dot) uk or call him on 023 9224 8761.

To find out more about the benefits of an agency with Stride Insurance Group, visit or contact a Stride Insurance Group Property Account Manager:

Stuart Piper (London and the South)
Email: stuart (dot) piper (at) stride-group (dot) co (dot) uk
Tel: 023 9224 8781
Mobile: 077 6691 2721

Gary Overton (Midlands)
Email: gary (dot) overton (at) stride-group (dot) co (dot) uk
Tel: 023 9224 8790
Mobile: 077 8561 5538

Derek Cluderay (Scotland and Northern England)
Email: derek (dot) cluderay (at) stride-group (dot) co (dot) uk
Tel: 0131 603 5253
Mobile: 078 2434 6659

Visit the Stride Insurance Group Linked In page: - and keep up to date with insurance market news and views on Twitter: @stridegroup.

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JH Technologies Provides Support to Dillin Lab at UC Berkeley Apr 16, 2014 03:37AM

(PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Undergraduate students at UC Berkeley will have the opportunity to use advanced fluorescence microscopes in a Genetics Laboratory course taught by Professor Andrew Dillin. The course gives biology major students hands-on experience in classical and modern genetics research. The course experiments, using model organisms including yeast (S. cerevisiae) and nematodes (C. elegans), are designed to experimentally explore important concepts in genetics, while developing the bench skills needed to do cutting edge genetics research.

JH Technologies and Leica Microsystems will be providing 4 advanced fluorescence microscope for use during the course. Micah Harrel, CTO at JH Technologies says "This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to get their hands on research grade instruments not typically available to them. Our staff will be on-hand to explain and guide students in the use of these microscopes. We hope to continue to inspire students by giving them an opportunity to engage in a high level learning experience."

Principal investigator Andrew Dillin suggests "Thanks to JH Technologies and Leica, access to advanced fluorescence microscopes will be of great benefit to the next generation of scientists at UC Berkeley."

"One of our goals is to inspire future scientists. Access to advanced instruments and technologies will generate the excitement and inspiration needed to build the passion in students who will one day develop the cure for Alzheimer's or cancer," says John Hubacz, CEO at JH Technologies. "Our iFuSE (Inspiring Future Scientific Exploration) program funds activities that allow students to have that hands-on experience which will ignite their passion for science. This course is a perfect venue for developing that inspiration," continues Hubacz.

About JH Technologies

JH Technologies is a major national optics and microscopy dealer with 25 years of experience in optical and digital imaging for applications in semiconductor, solar cell, micro-technology, medical device, forensic, and educational markets. Recently, JH Technologies has expanded its reach to include the Pacific North West and New England markets. Additionally, more than half of JH Technologies' business comes from the life science research market where they serve some of the largest research organizations, medical institutions, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the country. JH Technologies sales staff consists of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to providing the most appropriate solutions for their customer's unique problems. The sales staff is supported by an outstanding group of factory trained applications experts and service engineers. Visit to learn more about the solutions JH Technologies can provide.

About UC Berkeley Dillin Lab

University of California Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology houses the Andrew Dillin laboratory. The Dillin laboratory utilizes emergent technologies to look at the manipulation of stress response pathways within a specific cell type or a single subcellular compartment within a specific cell type. In its research, the Dillin lab works with a variety of organisms, including mice and stem cells. However, the lab's historic roots are in working on the nematode C. elegans, a well-established model organism in aging studies.

For more information contact:

JH Technologies, Inc.
225 Hammond Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539
Phone 408-436-6336
Fax: 408-436-6343
Email: info(at)jhtechnologies(dot)com

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Transcend Into the Digital Domain With "The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming" Apr 16, 2014 03:37AM

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Amidst the anticipation of anxious programmers, "The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming" by Jazon Yamamoto has hit the shelves and is available at and fine book retailers.

The announcement of this title has caused a buzz in the game development community considering this is the first commercial game programming book that contains author recorded video lessons to complement the printed material. The book covers game programming on Windows and Linux using the SDL (the Simple Direct Media Layer) API library. The SDL library powers indie hits such as Legend of Grimrock, and Faster Than Light, as well as Linux versions of commercial titles such as Quake 4 and Team Fortress 2. In an interview with the author, he highlighted some of the goals of the book and the inspiration to write it:

"I've always read programming books since I was a young boy. Some of my fondest childhood memories include sitting at my computer, way past my bedtime, trying to figure out how to make my games do things I saw in the games I played. At times, it was difficult for me to learn because sometimes it felt like no matter how much I read a paragraph, I could never understand it. I needed a voice to explain things to me in clear and simple language."

"While talking about the problem I had to game development veteran and author André LaMothe, he came up with an unusual idea. He wanted me to give users the voice I needed hear when I was learning this. He suggested that I not only write a beginner book, but that I should make video tutorials for each chapter. I was skeptical at first, but after making a few videos, I showed them to some of my friends and they flipped! That's when I knew we had something!"

The "Black Art of Mutliplatform Game Programming" covers beginner and intermediate level programming using C/C++. It takes the user from plotting pixels on a window to building a fast-paced space shoot'em up game as well as numerous other mini-games. The book starts by teaching the readers how to use the SDL library until they can program a simple Pong and Breakout inspired game. At that point, the book really picks ups and starts covering more advanced game programming techniques including game engine design, tile mapping, scene management, and a bit of scripting along with Object Oriented tactics.

The "Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming" is published by Cengage Learning Ptr publishing and available at, as well as fine retailers around the world such as Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million.

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