The One Feature Apple's (AAPL) Upcoming TV Absolutely WON'T Have...

May 24, 2012 10:36 AM EDT
The one thing no one is talking about for Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) upcoming TV is the one thing everybody gave up on about two years ago...

Television with a 3D feature.

No one cares and Apple knows this. A crispy, solid viewing experience in regular 2D can be just as exciting as one in 3D (though Avatar was still admittedly mind-blowing in the theater).

Further, a recent NPD article highlighted 3D TV sales which rose 74 percent in the first quarter, accounting for 22 percent of all 40-inch plus sets, but consumers still seem indifferent about the feature. The main reason 3D TV sales were higher was almost every 40-inch plus set already includes it for a minimal up charge.

So what are consumers looking for in a TV? NPD lists features desired as Internet connectivity, high-resolution display and picture quality, and screen size.

Barriers to adoption of 3D include cost of sets and accessories as well as access to content.

Other than that, NPD noted about 70 percent of folks who try 3D TV via in-store demos were either "impressed" or "amazed," though we're curious what the other 30 percent had to say ("unsure and/or I don't know?" You'll also find those folks sitting for an extended period of time at Taco Bell deliberating whether or not to get a chicken soft taco, nachos, or something else. They're really not sure what they feel like having but don't want to eat too much because their doctor said....HONK HONK. IT'S TACO BELL, NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!).

Though Apple's iTV set is likely to be way cooler than many currently available on the market, if you want to have a 3D version, put the Apple TV box on and superglue an Apple logo to your Samsung or Panasonic set.

Will Apple include 3D in the future? We're guessing Apple might have something better in the works interactive movies or smell-o-vision (read: iSmell).

Notably, only one viable Google search result had any article mentioning a 3D feature on Apple's next TV.

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