Is Larry Kudlow's Show in Jeopardy?

August 24, 2011 3:27 PM EDT
It appears management at CNBC is losing faith in Larry Kudlow's show and has been playing around with the timeslot while the host has been on vacation.

Usually standard operating procedure at news networks is to keep the show name/title intact while talent go on vacation and just substitute guest hosts in until the anchor returns. The reason being is that you don't want to alarm the viewership that their show is being canceled when it's not. That's why we found it odd that for the past two nights, we've tuned into "CNBC Special Reports" in place of Kudlow’s namesake program.

Recent Nielsen Media Research numbers show that The Kudlow Report has been facing some pretty tough competition from Fox Business Network newcomer Lou Dobbs, whose program Lou Dobbs Tonight shares the 7pm timeslot.

In recent weeks Dobbs has either beaten or closed in on Kudlow on occasion in both the coveted advertising demo of persons 25-54 as well as with total viewers – which is quite a feat considering Fox Business is in roughly half as many homes as CNBC and still considered a startup.

This traction by Fox can't be taken too lightly at the peacock network either – especially now that they have new owners with Comcast and have come under fire recently for their lack of business coverage during breaking news events. Perhaps that's the reason why they've decided to try other programming while the CNBC staple, Larry Kudlow, is on vacation.

It doesn't seem Kudlow will be enjoying his vacation this year. But do not fear Kudlow fans; even if he losses the show he will still likely remain a fixture on the network.

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Mike Smith on 2013-06-12 22:34:32
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Only reason to watch CNBC - lively, mind provoking and yes conservative. Makes a change from the 95 percent liberal bias of the network.

Larry Kudlow
J D Poshusta on 2013-04-28 12:32:51
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

Watch "Capitalism the Love Affair". Larry Kudlow is too obviously republican party.

Oh yes
Bi T. Me on 2013-05-11 02:25:49
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

And I guess whoever gave Paul Krugman his own show he'd be right down the middle, right?

larry's style
concerned viewer on 2013-01-14 20:02:16
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

kudlow appears to be intelligent enough but his style is highly annoying. it appears the only reason he has guests on is to lecture to them. he never lets a guest finish a response without trying to get in his 2 cents. obviously he is totally republican/conservative in orientation, and thats fine. ive stopped watching him because he is so pompous and insulting to his guests--even those he "likes".

Kudlow going to Fox news?
John Phillips on 2012-10-18 09:42:32
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

They would welcome him

Kudlow out
jimbob d on 2013-09-20 13:16:06
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

Larry is a hater and lies so well so he would fit right in with Fox News ..

Kudlow show
John Phillips on 2012-10-18 09:38:25
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

It's the most biased show on tv. Is it sponsored by the republican party?

Kudlow out
jimbob d on 2013-09-20 13:30:16
Mark as Spam | Reply to this comment

you are so right ,I pray he gets the boot .No question he will say or do anything to promote the Evil empire [ Republican party]... haters

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