Here You Go Apple (AAPL)! - Sincerely, Samsung

March 15, 2013 11:55 AM EDT
How Samsung basically handed the mic over to Apple, Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL).

Okay, Apple, this is your chance! The release of a quirky new device might be your savior yet!

Samsung held its Galaxy S IV (S4) release "extravaganza" Thursday night with more flare and musical numbers than a Liza Minnelli biography. What started as a fact-based, executive demonstration turned into a Broadway production... literally. Samsung aimed to show how new, extra-Android features of its device could assist in everyday life.

If you know one thing, just one thing, about a tech blogger, its that they don't clear their Friday night calendar to see the latest rendition of Rent. Suffice to say, the debut of Samsung's latest-and-greatest fell short of expectations.

There are cool new features on the device, upgraded processing, a larger, sharper display, and 8-core (!) processor. None of it was too revolutionary and seemed more like what Apple has been doing recently.

Where Samsung missed the mark was shunning Android. The lifeblood of the device was put on the back burner for what Samsung was adding in. This suggests that Samsung's ambition to diversify itself away from Android might already be happening.

When Apple introduces its new products, media generally focus on one topic: iPhone or iPad. When's the last time something was called an "iPod event?" But, Apple will generally show off the new iPhone/iPad and move on to another topic: improvements to its ecosystem.

Samsung's ecosystem revolves solely around whatever Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is putting out there. The new Galaxy S4 is an impressive device that will meet mixed criticism (some have already noted that an average consumer would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the new Galaxy S4, an HTC One, or LG Optimus G.) Meanwhile, Google simply wants to sell as many Android-equipped devices as possible, to gather more data, and charge higher premiums to advertisers, to advertise on platforms that consumers use, so Google can gather data, to charge...

Anyway, Apple stock is popping higher Friday because Samsung's Galaxy S4 presentation missed expectations. The goal was easy: keep it simple, yet powerful. Give information and features, talk a little about the hardware, and that's it.

Shares of Apple are up 1.9 percent to $440.83.

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